Mission Statement:
Our mission is to produce top quality products at a competitive price, and provide excellent customer service.

About Our Product:

All of our products are handmade in the USA.
Featured on our site we have 10-15 stock products, however, we specialize in producing custom products. There are so many variables to explore; wire type and size, magnet type, wind technique, coil size and shape, potted and un-potted etc. Please feel free to call us at (559)304-6759 so we can put together something that is perfect for your particular rig. Why buy something off the shelf when we can custom build something at a lower price?

Who We Are:
We are music lovers, tone junkies and tinkerers. We are always and forever chasing the sounds we hear (or imagine) and trying to duplicate them.

What We Do:
With over 38 years of manufacturing experience, our goal is to apply key manufacturing elements (5S, data collection, Lean Mfg., TPM, to name a few) to our processes so that we can provide, top quality, custom made products, promptly, at a very competitive price.